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What is the best operating system to develop my website?

Try my favorite, CentOS 7.

Are you wondering, how do I pick an operating system to develop my website? Between Windows, Mac and many versions of Linux, which one is the most stable, helpful and secure?

Hello, my name is Christopher Tate. I am a Red Hat consultant and I love open source software. I will help you create your own successful website, on your own computer, using open-source software. I've tried many operating systems over the years. After switching to linux a decade ago, I've tried many Linux distros. In terms of stability, usefulness and security, I choose CentOS 7 Linux, and I'll help you get started too.

Can I launch a website on Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows lacks the open-source solutions to launch a powerful website.

Windows has inherently weak interprocess communication between dynamically linked libraries, ActiveX, other linking!
Generic host processes that anonymously run processes in the background hiding their identity!
Windows also has bad security allowing easy reset administrator passwords, and forces users to run applications as administrator.
The worst part of all, when it comes to launching a serious website of your own, is that Microsoft Windows is not compatible with the open-source universe.

Can I launch a website on MacOS?

Buying the same hardware with Mac hardware and MacOS will cost much more than traditional PC hardware.

I was recently working with someone who wanted all Apple hardware to develop their site.
When I told them they wanted 32 GiB of RAM and at least 4 physical CPU cores on that Mac, they told me the price would triple.
A good computer like that might cost $1100, but forking out $2000-$3000 for MacOS is just not sustainable.
There is no good reason to fork out triple the price for hardware running MacOS.

How about Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian?

Excellent choice!

Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian are all excellent operating systems.
I don't, however, use these Debian based operating systems anymore.
I never really have a good reason why I stop using a Linux distro, because they all have their interesting uses.
It might be stability in a release, or a strange desktop behavior that makes me try something new.
But if you are already on one of these distros, there is not a pressing reason to switch, so keep enjoying your Linux distro.

What Linux distro would you chose?

CentOS 7 is my favorite distro.

I learned to love CentOS 7 for it's excellent security.
Two great programs built into CentOS 7 for more security include firewalld and selinux.
CentOS also comes downstream from RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), which is the gold standard of Linux distros, but also costs a subscription to put into production.
But for a similar feel to RHEL, CentOS 7 is a great way to go for free.

Some people may prefer Ubuntu because of the additional software in it's apt-get package repository.
I found even though CentOS 7 has less software available in it's yum repo, I've been able to install the ones I use.
This includes multimedia applications like VLC, Kdenlive, Audacity, OBS and DVD codecs.
CentOS 7 has a lightweight user interface and is light on computer resources.
I've found good stability with CentOS 7 as well and also the power to scale.
The key is, though, to switch to Linux, where you can build powerful applications.

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April 23 2019 Develop on which operating system? Try my favorite, CentOS 7. By Christopher Tate
Questions Answers
Launch a website on Microsoft Windows? Lacking open-source solutions.
Can I launch a website on MacOS? Hardware costs much more.
Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian? Excellent choice!
What Linux distro would you chose? CentOS 7 is my favorite distro.

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