Best operating system to develop your website

Created Mon May 23 2022

By Christopher Tate
Red Hat Principal Software Consultant

Are you wondering, how do I pick an operating system to develop your website? Between Windows, Mac and many versions of Linux, which one is the most stable, helpful and secure? Hello, my name is Christopher Tate. I am a Red Hat Red Hat Principal Software Consultant and I love open source software. I've tried many operating systems over the years. After switching to linux a decade ago, I've tried many Linux distros. In terms of stability, usefulness and security, I will always choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and I'll help you get started on Red Hat Enterprise Linux too.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors. It's the most stable, the most secure, the most powerful, and the most trusted operating system for software development available. Best of all, it's available for open source developers for free for individual use, following the terms of the Red Hat Developer Subscription described below.

Red Hat Developer Subscription

The Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals is a no-cost offering of the Red Hat Developer program and includes access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux among other Red Hat products. It is a program and an offering designed for individual developers, available through the Red Hat Developer program.

Be sure to review the Red Hat Developer Subscriptions for Individuals Agreement

You will for sure want to read the fine print about the developer subscription to make sure you don't use it in a way that conflicts with the agreement. Here are some important terms to consider:

  1. By accepting the Program Terms, you represent that you are acting on your own personal behalf and not as a representative or on behalf of an entity and will be using the Individual Developer Subscriptions solely as set forth in this document. Red Hat is relying on your representations as a condition of our providing you access.
  2. Do not use the Red Hat Subscription Services for Individual Development Use and/or Individual Production Use on more than sixteen (16) Physical or Virtual Nodes
  3. No Selling, distributing and/or rebranding the Red Hat Subscription Services (or any part thereof) contained in the Individual Developer Subscriptions.