Who is Christopher Tate?

All about me.

Where are you from?

I am from Utah (and a wanderer at heart).

I love spending time in the great outdoors with my family.
I've also lived in Florida, Idaho, Ontario, Quebec and France.
I love the time I lived and worked in other countries, and the ways open source software brings the world together.
I know the challenges of building good software systems in non-English speaking countries.

How did you learn computer programming?

A love for computers all my life.

My dad has been a Lotus Notes database programmer as long as I can remember.
He always had a nice computer with the latest Microsoft suite at home for the family to use.
I spent hours every day figuring out everything I could possibly do on the computer.
I became familiar with every application, every directory, every file, every menu item, every keyboard shortcut.
I asked my dad many important questions, like: "how do I write code?" "How do I make a database?"
I was then gifted a large Visual Basic manual, and he pointed me to Microsoft Access.

How did you start working as a computer programmer?

I volunteered for a non-profit organization to write code.

I started writing calculator programs and games on my TI-86 calculator.
I went on to study Computer Science at University.
At the same time, I became the part time computer guy for a local humanitarian organization, doing my best to solve world problems with databases.

How did you grow your career?

I had the drive to finish each project.

After graduation, I started as a Software Consultant and worked on many exciting projects at large companies and complete each project.
After 5 years, I had the opportunity to take a job in France, where I worked with a tiny company, which specialized in open source search technology, specifically Lucene.
I then worked with a Linux training company in Utah where I became very familiar with the whys of the origin of Linux, and started software consulting again.
My love for consulting, my experience, and being at the right place at the right time then led me to Red Hat.
I have found my people, at long last, here at Red Hat and I am here to stay.

How did you become so passionate about open source?

I love the freedom to build upon greatness.

I met my first Linux computer at the University Linux computer lab, where I figured only the noble wizards of computer programming lived and slept.
Around the same time, my cousin introduced me to Linux, and gave me some encouragement to try it myself.
One night, after realizing that Microsoft and the .NET Framework would forsake me after graduation with exorbitant fees, I made the switch.
I backed up my digital life on an expensive zip disk from the bookstore and installed Ubuntu Linux, wiping Microsoft out of my personal life forever.
I never looked back, and never regretted that decision.

April 23 2019 Who is Christopher Tate? All about me. Christopher Tate